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Real Estate Funds
  • Plat Capital Fund I - North Carolina Vacation Rentals
    Plat Capital Fund I is a portfolio of beach vacation rental investment properties managed by founders who are local to the North Carolina market. The company plans to acquire, manage, and dispose of a portfolio of single-family homes vacation rentals along the coast of North Carolina. Our intended strategy is to focus on acquiring properties that: 1. Have strong vacation rental demand based on proximity to beaches and other vacation attractions 2. Have competitive amenities (i.e. pools or volleyball court) 3. Have low acquisition costs compared US market averages 4. Have significant potential for capital appreciation We are offering up to 500,000 membership units of our Company for $1.00 each. The proceeds of the offering will be used to acquire and manage properties during the anticipated hold period of 3-5 years. We are targeting an IRR of 12%-18% with a fund structure that includes the following benefits to investors: 1. Exposure to vacation rental income 2. Preferred return - which means investors get paid before Plat Capital gets any profits 3. Exposure to appreciation Interesting in investing or learning more about Plat Capital Fund I? Click here to view our live campaign.
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